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Welcome To Business Women’s Coaching

These programs focus on different scenarios and real life experiences that assist women greatly!

The journey is for you if you are a woman and want more from
your career and your life.

It’s for you if you feel STUCK, STIFLED, SHUT DOWN, BURNT OUT trying to fit into a
workplace and a model that just wasn’t designed for you.

Start your journey here!

Our Programs


This is for you, if you are finishing college or university with your degree or qualification and require guidance and direction with your career in general.

We offer real life strategies for the challenges you are very likely to face as a female graduate when starting in the real world.

Career Change

Are you stuck in a dead end job? Are you bored, drained, demotivated, uninspired, unrewarded and sick of being bypassed for key opportunities? Are you just simply fed up, and know you need to make a change in your life, but just don’t know where to start or how?

After this program you will feel fulfilled, alive, excited, happy, strong, confident, content enthusiastic, resilient and have a purpose. You will be doing what you love, what you were put on this earth to do as a woman.

What We Do

Our heartfelt intention is to truly help you have the career you long for, find the confidence you may be missing, create vibrant wellbeing and resiliency, and step into your authentic leadership power. We are here to help you on that journey, and provide the pathways, structures and support to help you get there.

We are here to guide you on that path, one that we have walked down with many of our colleagues.  We’ve had hundreds of brave conversations with women about how they show up, how they bring the best of themselves to work, and how they make changes and be the best they can be!


Our Purpose

We would love to support your journey, whether you are a woman reading this who is longing for guidance, stuck in a dead end career with limited opportunities or looking for new ways to bring out the best in yourself, we can help you transform that journey. There are many ways we can work together, so take a look around the site, check out our programs and enjoy your journey!

Meet The Team

Helena Smith-O’-Connell 

Business Coach


Helena Smith-O’Connell is a passionate and dedicated business and personal coach. She is the co-founder and director of Business Women’s Coaching which aims to ultimately help women and business owners to maximise their full potential at all levels.

She has 20 years corporate experience at various levels in different roles, including senior project management, has an MBA, and very experienced in setting up and running successful businesses.

Connect with Helena


Julie Ann Sicat (Juls) 

Business Coach


Jules Ann Sicat is a committed, dedicated and passionate woman who has spent almost 20 years in the corporate world.

She has seen many female colleagues aim for perfection, find their own pathways in careers, and get stuck when their confidence has been shot down.

Connect with Juls


Hear What Our Clients Love About

This is an excellent program for young professional newly qualified graduates like myself. This program is about empowering and encouraging women with life’s common struggles and adversaries.   I’ve experienced it firsthand while I was struggling as a new immigrant doctor in Australia hence I highly recommend this.


The frameworks, plan, techniques and tools are real, practical, logical and worked extremely well for me personally. As a new graduate I found myself somewhat lost in my job search, and if it wasn’t for this graduate program coupled with full support behind it by two strong women.


I’m not sure I would still be here in Australia working as a doctor in my dream job. I highly recommend this program.


Dr. Hannee Regnondola (MBBS)

Thank you Helena for an amazing coaching session last week around building my dream, leaving my job and starting my own business.


I kind of knew what I wanted to do, but your coaching process made it crystal clear for me by gaining clarity, expanding my thinking as well as exploring possibilities. I’m very excited.  Thank you again!

Georgina M (Melbourne)

I was so sick of my job, being put down, and feeling so demotivated for so long! I knew I was never going to get past a certain level in my organisation (because you know, that’s how it works in corporate), so thank you for helping me strategize my plan and getting clear to move forward to my dream career by getting me unstuck .


Now I love getting out of bed each morning with a strong feeling of self-worth and working towards making my plan a reality, so Thank you!

Mary C (Sydney)

With BWC, I loved putting my goal into once clear sentence with a timeframe, and working through the process to see how this can be become reality. They challenge perspectives and limiting beliefs, resulting in empowerment.


Designing a plan and following the processes with such great support is amazing! I’m so glad I found this service.

Margaret K (Melbourne)

I was concerned because I never had a business degree, that I would not be able to run my own business. BWC thought me that you don’t necessarily have to have a business degree to start a business, but rather a passion, commitment and process to follow, with full support is what is required.


I’m very thrilled and have started by plan towards my life purpose. I know I will get there with the program process, closed FB mentoring group and support.

Maria F (Queensland)

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