The BWC (Business Women’s Coaching) Story

Who are we?


Hi there, we are Helena and Jules and we are the two women behind BWC. We spent 20 years each in the corporate space (that’s a combined 40 years of experience).

We have lived the experiences, being bypassed for promotions, sidelined for secondments, and bypassed for promotions and key opportunities. We have taken all our experiences, learnings, knowledge and created these unique and original on-line programs for new female graduates and women seeking to change careers.

 What we do?


We carefully designed and crafted these online programs based on real life experiences, knowledge and skills from our own working lives, to benefit all working women.

From young women coming starting out in their careers after graduation, to women seeking a career change due to unhappiness, boredom, lack of support and the list goes on.

They are designed so you can learn from our experiences and learnings, to help you better understand and manage working cultures (whether corporate or otherwise).

These programs provide well-structured plans, frameworks, strategies, tools and templates, with full ongoing support that will enable you to reach your career goal in a quicker timeframe with minimum stress.

Why do we do this?

Given our experiences and learnings from our own journey’s, we are passionate about helping women on their career journey, to help ensure you don’t get bypassed for promotions or opportunities, get left behind or sidelined and not feel supported or empowered with low confidence or self-esteem.

We believe learning what “not to do” is equally as important as learning what to do, as opposed to drifting along and putting up with your own unhappiness in your work environment.

How can we help you?


These programs will help you by evaluating where you are now, where you want to be, and provide the frameworks, guidance, strategies, tools and support to take you to your goal in a quicker timeframe with minimum fuss.

It will help you:

  • Gain clear direction and focus on your career goal
  • Gain greater confidence, increased self-esteem and greater perspective
  • Enable you to eliminate many trial and errors resulting in disappointment, setbacks, self-sabotage and self-doubt.
  • Enable you to connect to a supportive caring closed FB mentoring community with like-minded women just like you for ongoing guidance and support
  • Enable you to feel “not so alone” on your journey
  • Enable you to manage issues in the workplace in relation to your chosen or changed career progression in a practical, logical and supportive way.

What are the benefits?


  • Feel supported and guided.
  • Access to a closed Facebook ongoing mentoring program so women can share knowledge, ideas, ask questions and share their experiences with others in a safe and support community full of women just like you!
  • Access to a live weekly coaching call whereby you can ask questions and get support
  • Practical logical real-life experiences that have been tried and tested by us!
  • Get to your career goal in a quicker timeframe in a stress free and fuss free manner
  • Enables higher confidence, higher self-esteem and being brave!
  • Reduced stress worry and anxiety
  • You become the star of your own destiny, so you can shine bright!

Why use us?

We have been there, done that for a combined 40 years in the corporate world.
We have experienced being sidelined for opportunities, promotions, awards and acknowledgements in a male (and sometimes female) dominated corporate world.
We have felt disappointed, let down, ignored, undervalued and even worse, made to be feel like we weren’t even in the meeting room!
We have felt demoralised, not appreciated and were the subject of many false promises!
We acted ourselves, made changes and ended up both successful and happy

SO, we get YOU!

And if we can help women starting out in their careers or changing careers, and do this with ease, to reduce or remove any of the above, then we have done our job!

That’s why we love what we do! We love to help women out of our own experiences and learnings on what to do and more importantly what “not” to do!

That’s why we are passionate about our unique online programs because we designed them, and because at the end of the day, it is YOUR journey and it really is all about YOU!

Our Credentials

Helena – MBA, Immigration law post graduate degree, Certified Change Management Practitioner, Qualified Business Coach and Qualified Project

Manager as well as 20 years work experience in many different roles in different divisions in the corporate space.

Helena has been a graduate, had major career changes as well as starting and running successful businesses.

Jules – master’s in accounting, IT degree, Certified Change Management Practitioner Qualified Project Manager as well as many different roles in different divisions in the corporate space.

Jules has been a graduate and has experienced many significantly different career changes over her career.

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