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Graduate to Real Working Life
Program Reveals:

“Your Personal Blueprint to
Help Navigate Your Way to a Successful Career”

Graduate to Real Working Life Program Has Helped
100s Female Graduates Get the Job They Deserve!

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This program is specifically designed to assist young female student leaving University and entering the working world?

We will guide you on what to do, and how to do it?

A workable plan and blueprint on how to get you to where you want to be?

Sign up today and be a part of our interactive online program where we’ll talk about:

  • Career planning
    – Receive practical strategies that ensure your actions are in line with your goals
  • Courage
    – Courage is the most important factor for success. Learn how to boost your courage during job hunt.
  • Confidence / Resilience / Support / Connecting
    – Is your lack of confidence holding you back from getting hired? We will help you build your self-confidence to make you a huge success.
  • Frameworks and Tools
    – Get the necessary tools, techniques, and plans to help you navigate your way to your ideal career

Our career plan uses solid coaching models, backed by a 1-hour live coaching call weekly, plus exclusive access to a closed Facebook mentoring
group with like-minded graduates just like you to help you succeed.

“What This Program Will
do for you”

We all know that the best jobs don’t go to the best people always. They go to the candidates with the best strategies.

And that is what Graduate to Real Working Life Program is all about.

We’ll arm you with BOLD, REAL LIFE strategies including mentoring, guidance, support and how best to navigate your way through challenges in politically charged work environments… and also how to handle yourself professionally as you progress through your career initiation successfully.

Our program has helped countless young women get hired in various industries and we are confident we can help you too.

“Graduate To Real Working Life Program Gives You Direct Access To The Following”

5 Comprehensive Training Modules ($999 Value)

Comprises expertly crafted and well-designed plan with tools / strategies, techniques, templates and so much more!

Exclusive Closed FB Mentoring Group (Lifetime Access) ($398 Value)

This is where you can come at any time to connect, meet like-minded friends, and receive private coaching sessions from us. Equivalent to 2 private coaching one on one sessions.

1 Hour Live Webinar Coaching Call For 4 Weeks ($199 Value)

Every week, you receive a 1-hour live webinar call so we can see where you are, and we can give you our tried and trusted techniques and strategies to help you best achieve your goals.

Total Program Value Is $1,596.

By Enrolling Today, You Only Need To Invest… 



Only $299!

TO Get The Best Support and Guidance You Need to Find and Land Your Dream Job!


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