Are you about to graduate and enter the working world but unsure what to expect?


Do you feel unsure of yourself and scared?


Do you know what to look out for, that will help you succeed?


Do you have a solid plan that will help you on this journey?


The purpose of this program to provide a carefully structured plan, support and to empower you on your journey post education to get you to your ultimate career goal courageously and confidently.

The benefit is the assurance that you will capitalise on the right job opportunities with no fuss.

According to a recent study conducted in 2017 by the Federal Gov’t 30% of students fail to secure a job within 4 months after graduating.


Failure to act means loss of opportunity and with the right tools and right mindset you will be on your way to a new job!

So, come along on this incredible woman’s journey with us and see how this program can make life so easy for you whilst transitioning from college life to real working life!

It’s so much more than a plan, it’s a journey!

Graduate To Real Working Life $299 (true value of $1,596)

What do we have?

We have very carefully crafted and designed a signature online program specifically designed for you.  The purpose of the program is to help female graduates transition from university to the real working world, in a well-planned out strategic approach that will fast track your goal with minimum stress and fuss.

We’d love to invite you to join us for the “graduate to real life” program exclusively designed for female graduates entering the workforce.

This is an excellent program for young professional newly qualified graduates like myself. This program is about empowering and encouraging women with life’s common struggles and adversaries.   I’ve experienced it firsthand while I was struggling as a new immigrant doctor in Australia hence I highly recommend this.


The frameworks, plan, techniques and tools are real, practical, logical and worked extremely well for me personally. As a new graduate I found myself somewhat lost in my job search, and if it wasn’t for this graduate program coupled with full support behind it by two strong women.


I’m not sure I would still be here in Australia working as a doctor in my dream job. I highly recommend this program.


Dr. Hannee Regnondola (MBBS) 


Why do YOU need it?

Are you about to graduate from college or university, enter the working world and unsure of yourself?  Do you need a well-structured plan to ensure a smooth transition to a successful career pathway?  Are you anxious about the future as you pave this pathway for yourself?  If you feel worried, anxious, or uncertain, then you will get huge benefits from this exciting, engaging, valuable and powerful program. These benefits include key practical no fluff strategies, tools, techniques, plans and full exclusive access to a closed FB mentoring group, 4 x 1 hour weekly live group coaching call with like-minded people as you navigate your way to your ideal career. Remember, this is all about YOU!


Graduate To Real Working Life $299 (true value of $1,596)

How do YOU get it?

Simply click the below button, come join us and we’ll see you on the inside for an amazing journey! 

Graduate To Real Working Life $299 (true value of $1,596)

What Do You Get

What you get in terms of value!

  • Full access to our Online Graduate to Real Life Program with a carefully crafted and well-designed plan with tools / strategies, techniques and templates valued at $999
  • Full Access to an exclusive closed FB mentoring group (lifetime access) – equivalent to 2 private coaching one on one sessions with us valued at $398
  • 1 hour live coaching call via webinar for 4 weeks – valued at $199

Total value of this program is $1, 596 but you get all this for a heavily discounted price of $299



Hi there, I’m Helena, and I’m Juls, and we’re the founders of BWC Coaching Programs. We are so excited you joined us!

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