I firmly believe that when you are appointed into a management position of any sort (whether it’s a promotion or by direct appointment), it becomes a position of privilege, and not one of power.  Far too often, I have seen underqualified and inexperienced people “promoted” or “appointed” into these positions because of their connections, especially if they are close friends of people at the top of the tree.

The key differences, I believe between privilege and power in managers are very simple

The Privileged Manager will

  • Be Humble
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Grateful
  • Care about people
  • Be himself/ herself
  • Wont name drop
  • Be Grounded
  • work with teams (not above them)
  • Ask for help if it’s needed
  • Be Educated
  • Be Experienced
  • Have good manners
  • Make time for his/her people
  • Be Supportive

The Power Manager will

  • Drop names
  • note himself/herself
  • Think they are superior
  • Be Disrespectful
  • Have zero care levels for those below him/her
  • Be full of their own self importance
  • Authoritative
  • Dictate and make demands (walk on whomever to get where they want to go)
  • Be uneducated and quite often inexperienced
  • Unmannerly and quite rude
  • Will do what it takes to make himself / herself look good in front of superiors
  • Fear looking foolish or stupid with low coping mechanisms.

In my past roles as a manager, I always felt privileged to work with many amazing teams and felt honoured to be their manger. Observations over a career can be both insightful and mind-blowing! Have you experienced working with any of the above? What did you do? It’s certainly worth reflecting on and the contrast in differences can be an eye opener! These are my observations.

Helena x

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