Key Questions

  • Are you about to graduate and enter the working world but unsure what to expect?
  • Do you feel unsure of yourself and scared?
  • Do you know what to look out for, that will help you succeed?
  • Do you have a solid plan that will help you on this journey?

The purpose of this program to provide support and empower you on your journey post education to land a job, courageously and confidently.

The benefit is the assurance that you will capitalise on the right job opportunities with no fuss.

According to a recent study conducted in 2017 by the Federal Gov’t 30% of students fail to secure a job within 4 months after graduating.

Failure to act means loss of opportunity and with the right tools and right mindset you will be on your way to a new job!


Key Questions

  • Are you fed up in your current role and desire to do something different?
  • Do you want change your career, but unsure where to start or what to do?
  • Would you like access to a solid career change plan that will enable your successful transition?

The purpose of the Career Change Program is to enable you to navigate your career change effectively and confidently through a comprehensive career change management plan

The benefit of using this plan will be the success aspirations coupled with courage, confidence and a guided plan on how to make a successful transition with the right mindset, tools, strategies and people.

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