It surely does happen in organisations across the spectrum today – still…. It does!

I worked for a boss less than 18 months ago (and he was a man) a very nice man however quite gutless. I cam to the realisation one day that one of my male colleagues had a substantial larger pay packet than me, to do the exact same job! Upon my discovery I immediately broached the subject with my immediate manager and requested a review of my current salary. Before I did this, I updated my already swish resume (or at least I thought it was quite swish), and photo copied all my qualifications (including my MBA) in readiness for my next one on one meeting with him. I was quite proud when I looked at my achievements on paper and thought, wow I’ve done all that. So, at my next one on one I presented him with my finding, supported by all my documentation and requested a full review of the possibility of getting equal pay to my male colleague. I was so prepared. My manager said thanks, I will go to HR and have a conversation and I left that meeting ever so pleased.  As the weeks passed, each week at my one on one I asked for an update, to be told that yes, HR are looking at it and I’m awaiting them to get back! Ok I thought, so they are busy we’ll give it another week or two! Eight weeks went by with no updates and I was getting more disillusioned. I thought perhaps I should just go to HR myself, in hindsight I should have.

I eventually got poached by another manager for a senior project management role and I explained what had happened and if could please follow up and check with my manager to get a progression update. As it turns out HR knew nothing of the request, so my boss had just been stringing me along, telling me the wonderful job I was doing, the great feedback he was getting bla bla.

To make a long story short,  I transferred to the new role ( it was an easy decision after that episode) an my new boss obtained a significant increase in pay for me, still no where near what other male colleagues were on, but I was happy enough with what I got however still a long way of closing that gender pay gap.

What I learned!

I trusted and believed my old boss when he said he contacted HR and placed the request. The alarm bells should have started ringing after 2 weeks of nothing, as surely armed with an updated resume and a string of formal qualifications, it shouldn’t take that long to assess a pay increase review?

My old boss only cared about himself and his big fat pay cheque!

If he didn’t want to approach HR, or wasn’t comfortable, be honest and tell me straight and I would have done it myself! Just BE HONEST…. It’s simple and costs nothing!

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