When I first started in the corporate space, I was very blessed to have had an amazing manager and yes, he was male and extremely supportive of women progressing in their careers, and particularly if you demonstrated key skills and capabilities. I had been a team leader for over 4 years and worked hard with my team to gain great results. One day he came along and offered me an opportunity to set up an entire new department for the company, which included the challenge of finding the building, people, mapping out the processes, policies and procedure as well as hiring and training of 28 staff for a second level support team.  I was so ecstatic at this opportunity and was super excited.  Whilst I was happy and honoured to accept the challenge and was comfortable and confident to do the job as I knew I had his full support behind me, I was comfortable to ask for another person to assist me in this monster task. I was 28 years old and hadn’t done anything like this before, but I was excited. Because there was a 3-month time-frame I felt the need to request extra resources and so I got the specific ones I asked for, as I knew the skill sets would help me achieve the goal of having everything set up professionally and fully functional within that timeframe.  Between a team of 4 of us, we delivered the lot within the 3 months and we were so proud of our achievement.

So, what did we all get in return for our efforts?

  • Promoted to the next level up
  • Increase in Pay
  • Continued recognition and acknowledgment throughout the company
  • Great job satisfaction working with a team of top performers
  • Fun and flexibility
  • Full support

I stayed as the manager of that are for over 4 years and simply loved what I did and the people I worked with and for. Not everyone is lucky to meet this kind of amazing dedicated committed manager who really has your back and gives you the most amazing opportunities. This I believe set me up for an incredible career with confidence and courage.

Always take your shot of confidence and courage with you, no matter where you get it from! It will shine through in other aspects of your career and you will learn what to tolerate and more importantly, what not to tolerate!



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